What should I wear?

I'd recommend bringing a variety of tops with you, perhaps 4 or 5, as well as a smart outdoor jacket. Avoid busy colours and stick to muted colours such as greys, blues, deep reds and greens. If you have a look at my portfolio you'll see what works. But don't worry about keeping it too formal, relaxed and soft fabrics look wonderful.

My best friend is giving me a makeover in the morning, shall I get a perm?

My advice is to avoid any major changes to your look in the days leading up to the shoot, getting your hair cut to near to the day can lead to 'new hair' syndrome. Equally keep any make up light as we can always add to vary your look. 

Can I bring a beard with me?

Absolutely, you are welcome to start the shoot with a beard and shave it off for a different look halfway through. But please don't feel obliged to make this distinct change, it isn't always necessary so think about how often you grow your beard out. No fake beards please. 

So…studio or natural light?

During the summer when the weather is warm I'll often use natural light and shoot outdoors in the surrounding area near my home. Shooting outdoors in the winter can be difficult and the weather unreliable so I head indoors and natural light through windows.

Where did you say you are based?

I'm currently in Upper Holloway, Archway tube is about a 12 min walk or two bus stops, Holloway road is about a 20 min walk or a few mins on the bus. Upper Holloway overground is also very close. 

Do I get to review the photos as we shoot?

You are most welcome to see the images as we work (it is often useful to check hair etc) although the back of the camera is not the best representation of the photo. I tend to wait until I have put the contact sheet together before presenting the images. 

I'm really organised and got to the shoot too early!

The Spoke is a really nice cafe on route from Archway. Or if it is after 12pm the Landseer Pub at the end of the road does a decent coffee. And beer. Although you might want to wait until after the shoot for that. 

Benkin? What a ridiculous name.

It's a short and not very exciting story, I'll tell you when I meet you. 

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